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The CLI Global Society Announces the Journal of Critical Limb Ischemia

The First Peer-Reviewed Journal Dedicated to CLI

Call For Manuscripts By Jihad A. Mustapha, MD
The first issue of CLI Global launched in November 2014 to help meet an unmet educational need in CLI. Over the years, the issue has provided data, tips and tricks, and case studies to CLI enthusiasts internationally. The CLI Global Society came into existence in January of 2016 adopting CLI Global as its official publication.

Over the years, the Society worked to bring together a multidisciplinary group of healthcare providers around the globe to discuss contributing factors that create challenges for CLI. Over the past six years we have seen increased awareness for CLI, development of more research in the field and an increase in the number of dedicated CLI specialists.

We have seen interest and growth in CLI educational opportunities such as the Amputation Prevention Symposium, which has more than doubled in attendance since the first issue of CLI Global was published.

We have seen expansion of CLI care into the outpatient arena. I ponder why highly performing physicians who specialize in CLI leave large institutions to focus exclusively on CLI. I believe my story is like many. When we truly look at the CLI patient and the challenges they encounter, we realize the limitations in their care. It takes a very dedicated and passionate provider to work with the patient to coordinate care with their PCP, podiatrist, cardiologist, revascularization specialist, infectious disease physician, nephrologist, and wound clinic. There is a cascade of care for the CLI patient that can start with entry into any one of the specialists listed. CLI is a chronically managed illness that is managed for the lifetime of the patient. And we know that the CLI patient’s prognosis is grimmer than most aggressive cancers. I find great reward in the complex care of CLI patients that require an intricate diagnostic workup, revascularization, and post-revascularization surveillance. Starting an outpatient CLI center of excellence that focuses on leadership, best practices, research, and training all dedicated to CLI has been one of the most rewarding steps in my career.

However, despite advances in care for CLI patients, we know there is still a long row to hoe. More attention to awareness, research, guidelines, and education must occur. The CLI Global Society Board Members and members of the Society recognize this. With this last issue of CLI Global, the Society is taking the next step forward to continue its mission. The Society strives to improve quality of life by preventing amputations and death due to CLI by collaborating with like-minded organizations that share an interest in CLI to address treatment, outcomes, coding, and reimbursement to globally improve care.

I am honored to report the launch of a new peer-reviewed journal in 2021 that will focus exclusively on CLI. The Journal of Critical Limb Ischemia will bring to light original research from global experts on CLI in a format that will be available internationally. We encourage you to consider submission of your work where it will be reviewed by CLI experts who understand the complex nature of critical limb ischemia.