Accreditation: CME/CECH/CNE/CE
Faculty: David Alper, DPM; Anahita Dua, MD; Caroline Fife, MD; John Fry, MD; Daniella Kadian-Dodov, MD; and Kevin Herman, MD

Learning Objectives:
• Recognize how to identify CLI Patients
• Discuss the roles of a multidisciplinary CLI team
• Identify when to refer and when to treat CLI

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Accreditation: CME/CECH/CNE/AAPC
Speaker: Jeffrey D. Lehrman, DPM, FASPS, MAPWCA, CPC, CPMA
Certified Professional Coder | Certified Professional Medical Auditor

ICD-10 Task Force and Panelists: Robert Lookstein, MD (CLI Global Society); Sean Roddy, MD (SVS); Mitchell Weinberg, MD (SVM); and Kumar Madassery, MD (SIR)

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The CLI Global Society's mission is to improve quality of life by preventing amputations and death due to Critical Limb Ischemia.

Congratulations 2022 Reviewers of the Year

Marianne Brodmann, MD
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Prof. Thomas Zeller, MD and Marianne Brodmann, MD were recognized as the Journal of Critical Limb Ischemia’s 2022 Reviewers of the Year. Thank you both for your expertise, attention, and service to the JCLI.

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PAD Awareness Month 2023

September is PAD Awareness Month, and the CLI Global Society would like to bring attention to the warning signs of peripheral artery disease, the predecessor of critical limb ischemia, the worst form of PAD. Peripheral artery disease, or… read article preview

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Among an estimated 9-20 million adults with PAD in the United States, at least 11% suffer from CLI. This is considered an underestimation.

Worldwide, 202 million adults have PAD which has a higher prevalence than ischemic heart disease, heart failure, Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, and HIV/AIDS.

Lower extremity PAD manifests as CLI in nearly 1 million Medicare patients per year with an estimated annual cost of over 3 billion dollars.

One in 190 Americans (1.6 million) are living with loss of a limb. Unchecked, this number may more than double by 2050 to 3.6 million.