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Figure 1. CLI Global Society Board Members at the ISET Welcome Reception, Drs. Jihad Mustapha, Jos van den Berg, Vickie Driver, Barry Katzen and Richard Neville (left to right).

CLI Global Society Members Present at International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy 2020

The Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) Global Society was established by passionate leaders in 2016 to address the unmet needs of CLI. The patient-centric society is led by an esteemed multi-disciplinary group of board members (interventional radiology, podiatry & wound care, vascular surgery, angiology and interventional cardiology). Membership has grown to over 600 physicians and healthcare providers globally from 40 countries who represent the full spectrum of multi-disciplinary providers who care for complex CLI patients.

The CLI Global Society held a fullday board retreat prior to the ISET meeting. During the meeting, Society President, Dr. Barry Katzen was pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Andrew Holden to the Board. Dr. Holden, from Auckland City Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand, will represent the Asia-Pacific region. The Board reviewed 2019 accomplishments and set goals for 2020.


A recent publication on behalf of the CLI Global Society confirmed that CLI is an under-diagnosed and under-treated deadly disease that requires proper diagnostic imaging and increased awareness. Worldwide, 202 million adults have peripheral arterial disease (PAD) which has a higher prevalence that ischemic heart disease, heart failure, Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, cancer, HIV/AIDS and opioid addiction. Among 9 to 20 million adults with PAD in the United States, 11% suffer from CLI. This is widely believed to be an underestimation.